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The Journal of Sustainable Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (SAES) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to publishing outstanding research on all aspects of agriculture and biology as well as the environmental sciences. It includes different fields of agriculture, ecology, agronomy, agricultural engineering, soil and water, biology and genetics and animal production. Original research articles, critical reviews, highlights, and perspectives of high quality can be published both in print and online.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2024 

Comparative Study of Rice Straw Recycling Systems

Pages 18-27

mohamed ibrahim el-didamony; Karam El Hag Hassan; Safwat El-Khawaga

Combining Ability and Heterosis Studying for Yield and its Attributes of Hybrid Rice Under Normal and Salinity Conditions Using Line × tester Scheme

Pages 68-78

Walid Emadeldin Abbas Ibrahim; Amgad A. EL-Gammaal; Bassiouni A. Zayed; Adel M. H. Elmetwalli; Mohamed M. Abdelhamed

The effect of the covers number on the production rate for the single-slope solar still

Pages 87-97

Nasser M EL-Ashmawy; Amal Hassan; Mohamed Darwish; Mohamed saied Ghoname